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Universal Bracket
These brackets are designed to have adjustable mounting points for locating the bracket to the TV. They are especiall suitable for LCD and Plasma TV's that don't have standard VESA fittings. Please note that each Universal bracket will have the maximum hole spacings that they are compatible with - there are different sizes of Universal brackets that are designed for different screen sizes. 

The VESA Standard defines mounting interfaces, hole patterns and associated cable/power supply locations for LCD/TFT monitors, plasma displays and other flat panel devices. There should be 4 screw-holes in a square pattern, usually located in the centre or towards the bottom of any monitor. Plasma and large LCD screens may be designed to VESA 75 (75mm x 75mm), VESA 100 (100mm x 100mm), VESA 200x100 (200mm x 100mm) or VESA 200 (200mm x 200mm) configuration, or the large 400 VESA, 600VESA and even 800 VESA. 

Flat Wall Bracket
A flush to the wall design of wall mount to keep your LCD and PLasma screens as close to the wall as possible.

Tilting Wall Bracket
A bracket designed to allow you to tilt the screen downwards to help give a better viewing angle. Especially suitable for screens that are mounted high on the wall.

Cantilever Wall Bracket
A bracket that allows you to pull the TV from the wall and give a swivel function allowing the screen to be rotated left and right. Usually also incorporates a vertical tilt function.

Motorised Wall Bracket
A cantilever style bracket that is operated electrically via a remote control.

Digital Visual Interface.

A bayonet type connector commonly used on video equipment.

A connection used for signalling devices.

Component Video
Also known as the ‘YUV’. Comprises a luminance/sync channel (Y), plus two colour ‘difference’ channels (‘U’ and ‘V’). In terms of performance potential, only RGB comes close to component video.

Composite Video
Used by analogue transmitters, this signal combines luminance (brightness), synchronisation and chrominance (colour) components. It is not ideal because careful filtering is needed to separate the Y/sync and C information (however, note that modern TV’s use a comb filter, which does a good job here). Superior pictures can be obtained by using S-video, RGB or component connections.

Stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Is a flat, light weight display technology that consumes 40% less power that the cathode ray tube (CRT) found in most modern TVs. Is also used by many projection systems.

Is a 21-pin AV connector which can carry composite, S-video and RGB video, plus stereo audio and widescreen/4:3 switching signals.

Is a video transmission associated with high-band (eg Hi8 and S-VHS) video formats. The chrominance (C) and luminance (Y) components are transmitted separately.
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Stands for Super Video Graphics Array. Is a display resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, which compares roughly to the 720 x 576 of UK TV broadcasts.

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